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Stay Strong Human World

Column:Company News Time:2020-03-13

Recently, the Corona virus has a big negatively impact to our human world on health, life and business aspects.

We China meet the big trouble on this virus since the end of Jan but HIMUNICATION team was not give up and be scared.

On the one hand,we used the best level of health care to our staff and do follow the governmental advices to avoid this virus arrived in our factory. On the another hand, we all back to work on time at the February then ensure this is no delay for order delivery and ongoing projects.

In this March, after we knew the virus arrived the Europe and also give the big trouble to Europe now.We HIMUNICATION decided to donate our Mask Stock which used for the month of May to our Italy, France and Spain distributors due to they need the mask urgently more than us due to this virus situation was already well controlled in China plus we already have the enough stock for the March and April.

Not only the mask donation, we also shared our protection procedure to Corona virus which we used in our factory  to minimize the potential risk on this virus to our business partners in Europe if they are still work in the office.

Last but important, If any of our business partners in oversea who need the mask from us, do contact with us immediately, we will used the air-express to send the mask for you.

Stay Strong Europe! Stay Strong Human world!岂曰无衣,与子同裳!(From very old Chinese poem as means that Why did you say that there is nothing to wear? I will take my own skirt for you to share!)