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TS18 Big Innovation Started the Formal Sales in Denmark

Column:Company News Time:2019-03-13

       We HIMUNICATION have formally introduced our big innovation as the world first touch screen fixed radio in November 2018 with the national patent protection application number in China as the 201810545696.4 and also the P.C.T. Priority protection application number PCT/CN2018/090648 in global.

    After 2 months, our great local Danish distributor introduces this innovation in recently finished Fredericia Boat Show.

    From their feedback, our innovation TS18 series are great, they think the TS18 will be very popular in Denmark.

Our innovation TS18 series were based on the “2 in 1” ideas as that Touch Screen Fixed Radio + Marine Instrument, we put to two traditional marine electronic devices into one device as our innovation product TS18 series to well benefit all importers, distributors and end-users to save all of their moneys.

  We HIMUNICATION will invest more to innovation aspect to make a difference, better serve our end-users and business partners via our innovation in marine electronics.

 This kind of investment on innovation will never stop because we will make a difference to have a better technical and commercial benefit  for all of our business partners and end-users.

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