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The Mayor of Osaka city meets the Jiuzhou Himunication Staff

Column:Company News Time:2011-08-24

       Mr.Kunio Hiramatsu has been invited by Shenzhen government to attend the opening ceremony for Shenzhen 2011 Universiade game. During his visit term in Shenzhen, Mr.Kunio Hiramatsu has meet certain representative Hi-tech local companies. 

     The Jiuzhou Himunication is one of the Hi-tech companies which is focused on the marine radio R&D, has been invited to join the meeting by Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office.The Osaka city is the second biggest economic zone in Japan and some representative two way radio companies such as the ICOM has set up their head-office in Osaka. From the meaningful discussion with the mayor of Osaka city,Jiuzhou Himunication surely will have many business opportunities in Osaka as our future business plan to Japanese market.