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The World’s First Active Dual Receivers-A Real DSC Handheld – HM360 models

Column:Company News Time:2013-01-17

         We Himunication have successfully introduced the World’s First Active Dual Receivers-A Real DSC Handheld – HM360 models to global market now.

     The HM360 product has effectively represent our key strategy- Advanced TechnologySuperior Quality, and Competitive Price.

     Generally, the HM360 is target at the competition of other existed DSC handheld with GPS models at the high-end professional handheld marine radio market. The biggest difference about our HM360 model is that HM360 has two receivers.This is one of biggest competitive points for HM360 to named as the Real DSC handheld.

        1, The DSC feature for our HM360 model is operated by individual way(own two receivers, one receiver used for receiving/transmit voice and another receiver used for to continually monitor 70 channel,),it is same as a fixed mounted marine radio.It is a real class D design.However,the DSC feature from other DSC handheld models as we personally knew is operated by Scan way(only has a single receiver, this single receiver need to work for receiving/transmit voice and monitor 70 channel by scan way at the same time).It will slightly negative affect its receiving performance because there is always a stop(Duration around 100ms ) during receiving the voice.

        2, Other DSC handheld models at this industry able to receive the distress alert (this is because of that the distress alert will be transmitted by transmission sequence for repetition as 5 times then they able to scan it or catch it).However, in our opinions,other DSC handheld models are not able to receive other DSC message such as position request,...if its receiver was working (transmit or receive voice).The advantage of our HM360 is that this model has two receivers and there is no conflict for normal calling and DSC message

      Therefore, we have a confidence about HM360 due to that its own two individual receivers able to achieve a real DSC function on a handheld marine radio to instead of a fixed mounted marine radio. The end-user or sailor able to receive all DSC message at everywhere if they have a HM360 model at their hand.

        Please be aware of that we Himunication is a first manufacturer to achieve Real DSC feature on a handheld marine radio at this industry with the global patent protection

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